Our Mission:

To Recycle Vehicles as Completely as Possible, By Selling Low Cost Replacement Parts and Applying Practical Material Recovery Techniques.

Our History:

Chesterfield Auto Parts was formed in the 1930’s on the rural outskirts of Richmond in what was Chesterfield County. In 1947 it was purchased by the family who, after three generations, continues to own and operate it to this day. In the mid 1970’s the City annexed portions of the surrounding counties and Chesterfield Auto Parts became part of the City of Richmond. Chesterfield Auto Parts continued to operate as a full service auto parts store until the late 1980’s, when the owner decided to take the company in a new direction. We became one of the first self service salvage yards in the country. The idea quickly became popular. In 1991 we opened our second location (Fort Lee) in Prince George Virginia and in 2013 we opened our third location (Midlothian) in Chesterfield Virginia.

Our Community:

Chesterfield Auto Parts is proud to be active partners in the community. We help to support local charities like, The Good Samaritans Ministries and The Heritage for the Blind. We gladly assist organizations like The Richmond Fire Department, State Police and VA Department of Environmental Quality whenever possible. We also work closely with the DMV and State Legislators to make the right decisions for the Auto Recycling Industry in Virginia. We are actively involved in the Auto Recycling Industry all over the world. We helped to form the Virginia Automotive Recyclers Association, which is still a valuable part of Virginia’s Recycling community. We are members of the national Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (VIADA) and the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA).

Our Future:

The current owner proudly continues the legacy that his family started before him, by serving the community and being an active part of the auto recycling industry in Virginia and all over the world. We plan to continue to use new and developing technologies to grow the business from the junk yard of yesterday, to the Automobile Recycling Solution for tomorrow.


Years in Business


Cars Crushed (2017)


Customers Served (2017)


Crushed vehicles (lbs)

Chesterfield Auto - Richmond


Chesterfield Auto - Fort Lee


Chesterfield Auto - Trucks


Aluminum recycled (lbs)

Chesterfield Auto - Richmond


Chesterfield Auto - Fort Lee


Chesterfield Auto - Trucks


Engines recycled (lbs)

Chesterfield Auto - Richmond


Chesterfield Auto - Fort Lee


Chesterfield Auto - Trucks


Transmissions recycled (lbs)

Chesterfield Auto - Richmond


Chesterfield Auto - Fort Lee


Chesterfield Auto - Trucks



  • 1930's Royal Wrecking Company opens

    Nelson Royal opens Royal Wrecking Company on Midlothian Pike, in Chesterfield County.
  • 1947Frank Webber Sr. buys Royal Wrecking Co,

  • 1956 Royal Wrecking Co. Becomes Chesterfield Auto Parts

  • 1963 Frank Webber Sr. Helps create VARA

    (V.A.R.A. : Virginia Automotive Recyclers Association)
  • 1969 Frank Webber Sr. appointed president of VARA

  • 1972 Frank Webber Jr. appointed president of VARA

  • 4/1/1975Frank Webber Sr. Retires

    Frank Webber Jr purchases company from father.
  • 1988 Chesterfield Auto Parts changes to Self Service

  • 1990 Circle Auto Recycling Opens

  • 1991CAP/NKF launch kidney car program in Richmond

    Becomes the most successful program in National Kidney Foundation history for >10 years!
  • 2008Frank Webber Jr. Retires

    Troy Webber purchases company from father
  • 2009Troy Webber appointed president of VARA

  • 4/1/2013South Side Auto opens

  • 2016South Side Location becomes first, all-truck location

  • 4/1/201?Rolls Royce brought to CAP for recycling

    Just kidding. Perhaps someday...