Need to get rid of your ride?

We call them Clunkers, Junkers, beaters or hoopty’s. They go by many names, but they all mean the same thing; OLD CARS. If you have one these that you want to get rid of, We Want it!

We will buy any vehicle for junk. Cars, Trucks, Van’s, SUV’s, buses, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, R/V’s, campers trailers or anything thing else, We want it! We pay top dollar for your vehicle no matter what it is. It can be in any condition. Old, new, wrecked, missing parts, running or not, We want it!

Get a Price by calling, texting, or emailing us! Just push, pull, drag or tow it in. Can’t do that? We’ll pick it up for you because, We want it!
Just bring your signed title and keys to any of our three locations during business hours, and we’ll buy it on the spot. Don’t have a title? No problem, We still want it!

You do not need a title to sell a vehicle if you use one of the following processes:

• Abandoned Vehicle Process: If you are selling a vehicle that was abandoned on your property

• Mechanics Lien Process: If you are selling a vehicle to recover money for work done to the vehicle

• Storage Lien Process: If you are selling a vehicle to recover money for storage of the vehicle

If you do not meet the state requirements to use one of the processes above, We still want it!

• We are one of the only places in Richmond who can legally buy vehicles without a title.

• We are registered with the DMV as an “On-Line Dealer”. By using the Vehicle Disposition Reporting system (VDR), we are able to check State and Federal law enforcement agencies to verify that a vehicle is not stolen. This allows us to buy certain vehicles strictly for the purpose of recycling them.

To qualify for this process, the vehicle must be:

• Free and clear of any Liens or Loans against it. You are still liable for the debts if you sell the car.

• No less than ten years old. It has to be a 2009 or older.

• Valued at less than $10,000.00.

There is a processing fee of $30.00 to use the VDR. Once the VIN has been run through the VDR system the sale is final and the vehicle cannot leave our location. To find our more information or to sell a vehicle without a title call, text, or email.
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