Guide to Picking Your Own Parts at Chesterfield Auto Parts

Tools inside engine bay
Tools inside engine bay.

Are you planning a trip to look for parts at Chesterfield Auto Parts? If this is your first time visiting a junk yard, you may be wondering what to expect. As Richmond's most established auto recycler, Chesterfield Auto is happy to tell you that we have the process down to a science. With a well-organized yard and a knowledgeable staff, locating what you need is simpler than you might think. Let us walk you through the steps to picking your own part from our junkyards.

1. Check Our Inventory to Find What You Need

We have a detailed online inventory system that will provide you with the exact location of the part you need. Because we have 3 different junkyard locations, it is important to know which location you will need to visit. Check for your part now!

2. Bring Your Tools to Our Yard

Once you know which of our 3 locations to visit, gather the tools you will need and head over. We have ample parking at our junkyards, but please note that we do not allow customers to work on their cars in our lots. Upon entering our lobby, you will be welcomed by our sales associates who will take your $1 admission and take care of your waiver. If you need help locating your part, they can also print the location of vehicles, including row and spot numbers. We also have wheel barrows available at our locations to help you carry what you need to and from the yard.

3. Pick Your Part

Our yards are organized by car type and maps can be found in our lobbies and on our website. For instance, at our Richmond location, we have an area just for imports which includes Kias, Hondas, Toyotas, etc. When you have found the correct area, the cars are lined up into rows starting at #1 and going up. Each vehicle in the row is then given a letter starting at "A" and moving forward in the alphabet. All vehicles have a sticker that note the row number and spot letter so you can check to see how close you are to your destination as needed. Once you find the vehicle you are looking for, you will see that all of our vehicles are mounted off the ground on wheels that are secured so that you won't need to use a jack (jacks are not permitted in the yard due to safety concerns). Use your tools to get the part you need and head back to the desk. Wondering about the price? Check our parts price list!

4. Check Out

Upon arriving back in the lobby with your part, our sales associates will help ring you up. You can pay using cash or credit card. All of our parts come with a 30-day warranty for free. If you would like to purchase an additional warranty, you can talk to our staff at check out to purchase an affordable extended warranty.

Chesterfield Auto Parts

Join us on our journey at Chesterfield Auto Parts, where the rich legacy of being Richmond's premier source for top-notch used car parts is in its 3rd generation. We take immense pride in leading the charge toward a greener future with our cutting-edge auto recycling processes. By choosing us, you're not just getting your hands on affordable and dependable auto parts; you're helping reduce waste in your community. Explore our wide selection, find exactly what you need for your car repair, and get any help you need along the way.


Are there any car parts that are already pulled from the yard?

Yes! Upon receiving a vehicle, we process the car and remove items that will not withstand the weather in the yard. For instance, we have tire sets, jumper cables, and car batteries for sale in our lobbies. Truly, Chesterfield Auto Parts has everything you could need for your car!

What if I can't pull the part myself?

No problem! Call ahead and we can have one of our mechanics pull your part for you. Your part will be available for pickup at our counter when you arrive.

What if I don't see the part I need in the inventory list?

If you are looking for a part, give us a call! We can order new parts if we don't have something in stock. Just like with our used parts, our new parts are affordable and often the best deal in town.

What if I found the part I need at a better price somewhere else?

Chesterfield Auto Parts has the best prices in the known universe! If you have found a used auto part for less somewhere else, please let us know. We are willing to price match to make sure you get what you need from our yards.

Do you buy old cars?

Yes! Chesterfield Auto Parts is the area's largest purchaser of old and junk cars. These cars are our inventory and we pay competitive prices for these vehicles. [Read more]